What is there to do at camp?

During the day we will swim, play games, zipline, canoe, do a craft, sing some great songs, explore the creek, and lots more.  For those of you who are currently in 3rd-6th grade, the evening will continue with more games and fun.  Maybe a Night Swim, a late afternoon swing on the zips, or a game of Capture the Counselor.  Who knows what fun we might find?  Day and night, there will DEFINITELY be fun found for all!

How do I get my child to attend?

First, fill out the appropriate online application:

 2019 Junior Camper Application (3rd-6th grade)

 2019 Day Camper Application (K-3rd grade)

Next, fill out each of these three (3) online waivers:

 Madison Church of Christ Medical Release

 2019 Valley View Camp Waiver

 2019 Valley View Zip Line Waiver