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What is Winterfest?
Winterfest is a weekend retreat sponsored by the churches of Christ that is held one weekend annually in Gatlinburg, TN. Each year, thousands of teens, youth ministers, and sponsors attend the conference held at the Convention Center in Gatlinburg. The speakers, classes, worship, and fellowship all combine to provide a weekend of spiritual renewal for the teens and adult sponsors.


Total cost is $100, broken into two payments, as follows:

Non-refundable $50 deposit due by Sunday, January 10th, 2016.

Final deadline of $50 due by Sunday, Feb. 7th.

Cost includes: 2-night hotel stay, Winterfest registration fee, and transportation to and from Gatlinburg.

Additional money needed: Teens will need additional money for 7 meals (2 on the road, 5 in Gatlinburg). Spending money is optional. $75 to $100 should be plenty.

This trip requires a lot of planning. Please get your application in as soon as possible to help us in the planning.

To officially sign-up for Winterfest, 4 items are required:
1. 412 Medical Release Form (if one is not already on file with us)
2. Registration and Agreement Form
3. Non-refundable deposit of $50
4. $20 security deposit (To be refunded at the conclusion of the trip if no damage is assessed at the hotel, on the bus, or under any other circumstances. Certain acts of misbehavior may forfeit the security deposit.)

Limited spots are available. Reservations will be limited to Madison members until January 10th. After this date, reservations will be first-come, first-served. When all rooms are filled, a waiting list will be started.

The final $50 payment will be due no later than Sunday, Feb. 7. Anyone who has not completed payment by this date may lose his/her registration to someone on the waiting list. All payments are non-refundable because all the rooms and Winterfest registration fees will be paid by that time. If serious circumstances beyond your control arise which keep you from going, and in the event your space is filled, a refund may be given only at the discretion of the 412 staff.


Sponsors will be staying dormitory style, just as the teens will. All sponsors are expected to pay $75 each to help cover a portion of their costs. We will be taking one sponsor for approximately every 6 teens.


Early Departure – 9:00 am (arrive at the church building at 8:45 am) on Friday, Feb. 19th. This is the main departure time. Vans will transport this group to Gatlinburg, arriving with plenty of time to eat dinner and participate in the entire Winterfest program. Buses will stop for lunch on the drive up.

Afternoon Departure – 3:30 pm (arrive at the church at 3:15 pm), Friday, Feb. 20th. This van is for those who can’t miss a day of school. There will only be one van at this time (we are limited to 10 passengers). This group will miss much of the evening program. Participants should eat prior to their arrival at the church building and/or bring food for the bus. They will go directly to the Convention Center upon arrival in Gatlinburg.

Leaving Gatlinburg

Following the Sunday morning worship at the Convention Center, participants will load the vans and leave immediately. We will stop for lunch prior to getting on the interstate.

We will return to the church building at approximately 5:00 pm on Sunday, Feb. 21st.


Each person on the trip will be representing God, the Madison Church of Christ and their individual families while participating in Winterfest. In order to maintain the highest standards of conduct and to glorify our God in the highest possible manner, the following guidelines will be enforced.

1. It is your responsibility to know where you are supposed to be at any given time. Keep your schedule with you at all times! We will be sitting together as a group in the Convention Center. You are expected to participate in all scheduled Winterfest activities.

2. Midnight curfew will be strictly observed. You may not leave your room or make telephone calls after curfew.

3. No alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal drugs. Laser pointers, fireworks, noisemakers, pornographic materials, knives, guns, or any other type of “weapon” should not be brought or purchased on the trip or be in your possession. Sponsors reserve the right to restrict the possession of other items they deem inappropriate for the trip.

4. Protect the property of others. This includes the bus or van, the hotel room, the Convention Center, shops, restaurants and personal possessions of other participants.

5. Chaperones reserve the right to check music and confiscate any electronics with inappropriate music, inappropriate magazines, books, etc. Teens are allowed to bring their cell phones, but misuse (excessive texting, harrassing other students via text or late night phone calls) will result in confiscation of said cell phone. ANY PHONE OUT DURING THE WINTERFEST SESSION WILL BE CONFISCATED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE TRIP – THIS INCLUDES BIBLE USE. Teens need to bring a printed Bible for that time.

6. Everyone will be assigned an adult sponsor or chaperone for the trip. If you have any needs or concerns, feel free to consult with them. 7th and 8th graders will be expected to stay with their designated sponsors throughout all scheduled activities. Senior high are expected to check in with their sponsors at a designated time.

Possible Consequences of Non-Compliant Behavior

a. Constant confinement with a sponsor for the duration of the trip.
b. Restricted free time on Saturday.
c. Calling parents to pick you up in Gatlinburg.
d. Exclusion from future 412 activities, including Winterfest.
e. Loss of security deposit (dependent upon nature of behavior).
f. Other consequences the sponsors deem appropriate.

By checking “yes” on this online registration form, you and your teen agree that both of you have read–and that your teen will abide by–these behavioral guidelines and consequences.

For any questions, please contact the 412 Student Ministry office by email or at 615-860-3252.