Spanish-speakers have a special place in the family at Madison Church of Christ!

Our Hispanic ministry began in the 1990’s, teaching English to immigrants, Spanish to members and offering benevolence efforts. Many long-dedicated workers have participated, and in the mid-2000’s, the shepherds decided it was time to hire a part-time preacher. Today, Frank Rosch is our full-time Spanish preacher.

We have a vibrant and growing congregation of more than 70 Spanish-speaking believers. Each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. we gather in Bixler Chapel to worship God. We have active prayer ministry, women’s ministry and men’s ministry groups. Many serve in Madison’s benevolence ministry, and the teenagers are involved in Madison’s student ministry.

Our Hispanic members are active in outreach among friends and family. Family members, visiting from Mexico, have even been baptized, thus initiating a foreign missions program! To help bring English and Spanish members together, we sometimes combine our congregations for all or part of the Sunday morning worship service.