Adult Classes

Please note that Madison’s Adult Classes sometimes vary from this schedule due to combined worship services, holiday schedules or other special events.  Please see our Church Events Calendar for the most up-to-date schedule for a particular Sunday.

Sunday @ 10:15 a.m.

The Fellowship
Taught by Todd & Susie Randolph
Room C310
(Young Professionals, ages 20-35)

L.I.F.T. Class
Taught by Various Teachers
Fellowship Hall
(Co-ed, mostly under 50)

Studio Class
Rotating Teachers
The Studio
(Co-ed, mostly 50’s and up)

Bixler Class
Taught by Frank Scott (and others)
Bixler Chapel
(Co-ed, mostly 50’s and up)

Various Topics
Taught by Bobby Hudson
Room B202
(Co-ed, mostly 50’s and up)

Various Topics
Taught by Marty Rothschild
Room B206
(Co-ed, All Ages)

New Testament Study–John
Various Teachers
Room C204
Ladies class, all ages

Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m.

MidWeek Class with Gregory and Russ

Taught by Gregory Huffine and Russ Corley
Meets both LIVE and via our Facebook and YouTube campuses
LIVE in Bixler Chapel

Inspired by God

Taught by Steve Smith
Meets in the Media Center Studio
Adults of all ages

Stories of Amazing Grace
Led by Larry Souder with various guests
Meets in Bixler Chapel
Adults of all ages
Upcoming guest list is available at

For more information on our classes for children or teens, please visit the HisKidz Ministry page and the 412 Student Ministries page.