Do you know anyone who is struggling with a powerful addiction? There is an amazing ministry called “Amazing Grace” that you need to know about. Designed for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, the ministry is led by George Snodgrass.

The program is not a replacement for the traditional recovery community –AA, NA, treatment centers, halfway houses –but rather complements it. The emphasis is on adding to a recovering person’s progress, especially in his walk toward a more spiritual life. Confidential answers, resources and support are available both for those suffering from addiction and also for their families.

Classes are offered both Sunday morning and Wednesday night. The ministry team offers one-on-one assistance with class participants in areas like Bible study, parenting, employment and other life skills. The goal is to empower people in all walks of life and establish healthy, life-long relationships.

For more information, contact George Snodgrass, ministry leader, by calling 615-300-5269, or email George.