You can help spread some Christmas Cheer!

Christmas 2021 is once again upon us. It is great to be part of loving church family who many in both our local community and in our extended community depend on for a little extra help at Christmas. We have several opportunities this year to help others have a little Merrier Christmas.


Madison Church Benevolence Center – Benevolence Minister Terry Ashley has several regular families who ask him for assistance. Terry is familiar with the needs of these families and knows that their needs are great. They are included on the list by name and will require shopping. Commitment is $75 to $100.

El Rosario, Mexico – This is the church we sponsor in Mexico. This year, they are up to 37 members, which is wonderful. We would like to bring a little Christmas to each of them, both young and old. This is a $50 commitment. We will be be giving each El Rosario church member $25 cash, a sweatshirt designed by our own Talia Samek, and each teen and child will receive a small toy and a stocking prepared by the Lift Class. In addition, the Mission Committee will be sponsoring a Christmas Party where they can have a meal and hand out the gifts.


His Table By The Sea – Ensenada, Mexico. This is a transition house for kids who have aged out of the Children’s Home at the City of Children. Some are taking college classes and some are learning a trade. This provides them with somewhere to go as they work on getting the training to begin their career. These young adults don’t have family, so this token would definitely brighten their day.
Commitment is $50.


Tennessee School for the Blind – Last year, with Covid, we allowed the Blind School Children to go on Amazon and pick out a gift. We purchased the gift, wrapped it, and paid for the food for a Christmas Party where they opened the gifts (they still are not allowed to leave campus and we are not allowed to go to their campus). They loved it, so we will continue that again. Commitment is $50.


Madison Community Center – This year, the Community Center administration has decided that they would like some consistency in their gifts just to make it fair. We will be providing each of the 25 children in their After Care Program with a $25 gift. Also, we will be helping to support a Christmas Party for them. They did identify several children who do have an excessive need, but we are working with one of our Bible Classes to help with those. Commitment is $25.


We realize that this is a lot of need for us to cover. Thanks in advance. Please sign up online at the link below to make Christmas a little more pleasant for some kids who really need it:



You may also sign up in person Sunday at The Commons