January 17, 2020

The Madison Church of Christ Elders today announced that Sunday in-person worship will resume on Sunday, January 24th.

As before, it is clear that there are different comfort levels concerning return; so much is dependent on each individual situation.  Return should be an individual decision.  Only you know your health situation, that of your family, your day to day responsibilities, and other conditions that might determine your decisions.  Although this is your choice, we will again remind you of what the CDC, State, and City have stated, “vulnerable populations should continue to remain at home (watch the live stream of the service). Vulnerable populations are defined as 65 and older, people with disabilities, serious respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, and compromised immune systems.”  If you feel sick, have a cough or temperature, or have been exposed to someone you know has the virus….please stay home!

Mask use is mandatory, although you may remove it once you get to your seat. That is, unless you are sitting in one of the special “mask only” areas where masks must be worn at all times.

Communion will be served in self-contained kits.  A gloved greeter will drop one in your hand as you enter.   As you exit, there will be separate receptacles for your used communion kits and for your contribution.

Please respect “social distancing” rules in order to slow the spread of the virus.  The balcony will be open to facilitate distancing.

Our goal is to prevent another resurgence of the virus that would force us to have to go back to online only worship once again.

Some Wednesday Evening classes will also resume on January 20th.  Those are as follows:

  1. Russ & Frank’s Wednesday evening class in Bixler Chapel.  Live streaming will also continue for this class.
  2. Steve Smith’s class, meeting in the Studio.
  3. Student Ministry
  4. His Kidz classes will be “hybrid” classes, where a Zoom option will be available in addition to in-person attendance.


The online worship will continue into the foreseeable future.  Check the front page of this website for connections to both the Facebook and YouTube live streams.  You can also access them directly at www.facebook.com/madisonchurchTN or at www.youtube.com/madisonchurchofchrist

Thank you, and may God bless you and your family