Important Update Concerning Live Worship Services (December 3, 2020)

Subject: Live Worship Service Suspension

These recent days have been trying and difficult to navigate. As the winter days arrive we have been warned that the virus and flu numbers will rise…and we have seen that happen. As you have heard there has been a surge of the covid virus nationally, statewide and in our community as well. More importantly we have seen an increase in the cases among our own Madison members at a higher rate than ever.

Therefore, it is with the utmost degree of caution that we have decided to suspend our live services until further notice.

Although our maintenance and security teams have contributed greatly to a safe return, the recent increase in covid cases has driven this decision. Know that we have not come to this conclusion as a result of any outside pressure; it is purely made out of our love and care for the safety of this church family.

Madison is blessed to have a great team, technically capable of providing us with a livestream service For many of you this will be a continuation of the way you have worshipped since March, when the pandemic began. Some of you have commented, ” it’s not like being there, but it’s the next best thing.” We agree, and appreciate your online attendance during this time.

We pray that it will be for only a brief time; prayers have been answered and the possibility of a vaccine appears to be on the horizon. This is something that all of us will be watching closely.

We are praying for those that we know have the virus and would invite you to contact Glenda Leffel at the church if you or anyone in your family has been affected so that we can add these names to our prayer list.

Please help us all stay connected by calling, sending a card, a note, an email or a text to a member as you think of them…as you are missing them….or as they are quarantined.

God bless each of you, thank you for your cooperation.
Your Elders-
Buck, Frank, Larry, Marty, Milton, Ron, Steve, and Tommy