To those of you who attend our in-person worship, here is a new policy from the Elders regarding the church staff and working volunteers being required to wear masks for your protection.


TO STAFF: After talking with the Elders this past Wednesday it is felt that ALL STAFF MEMBERS AND THEIR VOLUNTEERS (FOR WHATEVER FUNCTION) MUST WEAR MASKS. If the task being performed does not allow “social distancing” then a mask must be worn to perform the function.

When moving around the building and interacting with members and fellow staff members masks must be on.

In our worship hour masks must be worn before and afterwards. Any activity that does not allow
for social distancing during the service masks must be worn.

We must be good examples of what we are asking others to do. We do not want to become a hotspot for this virus, and have to backtrack our move forward.

The Elders appreciate all that you are doing, and deeply are grateful for your cooperation.