Join us at 8:00 a.m. for our newest addition to the Madison Sunday schedule! Our Roots Coffee Shop will be open for business, and we encourage you to plan to spend this extra hour building relationships with others.  Some groups may choose to do a small Bible study or have a special prayer time. All of our members and visitors alike are invited to share in the joy of being a part of the Body of Christ through fellowshipping with other believers.

At 9:00 a.m., we’ll move into the main auditorium for our worship gathering.¬† Here, you can find an uplifting mix of hymns and newer praise songs, a time for reflection and prayer, a sharing of Communion bread and juice in remembrance of our Lord’s death and resurrection, and encouraging and practical Biblical teaching from God’s Word.

At 10:15 a.m., we encourage you to choose a Bible Class to attend that suits your interests and stage of life.¬† We have classes for everyone from our preschoolers to our very oldest members. In our classes, you’ll have a chance to learn and discuss Biblical passages as well as the practical applications of your faith in daily life. For more information on our available classes for adults, please see our class list page.

Elder Marty Rothschild made the following announcement on Sunday, July 07, 2019, on behalf of the Elders:  


I am making this important announcement on behalf of the Elders. It involves some upcoming changes.  This may be one of the most anticipated, requested and least kept secret announcements in quite some time. Over the past few weeks meetings have been held to inform our staff, our wives, past elders and their wives, adult teachers, and deacons.

The decision has been bathed in prayer and discussion at elder meetings for a long time. We have weighed member feedback and evaluated and considered pros and cons. This is an eldership seeking to be led by the Spirit, moving ahead with purpose, and acknowledging that even small changes must be considered in light of the impact on this membership.

We have come to the conclusion that this family is better represented and will be more successful in bringing new people into the body if we combine the 2 Sunday worship services.

The Elders feel that combining the early and late services will offer a more complete and positive story of who¬†we¬†are…a loving congregation made up of a diversity of age, race, and background, united in our love for Jesus and for each other.

This intergenerational, diverse body is more obvious when we are together. It will be more inviting to visitors. It is our belief that your genuine love for the Lord and for each other can win people for Christ.

A fuller auditorium resulting in a more vibrant worship service will be more visitor-friendly and will better reflect who¬†we¬†are…an excited, involved congregation.

Foremost in any decision,¬†we¬†always want to obey the Matthew 22 command to love God and our neighbor. Of equal consideration is our adherence to Jesus’ command in Matthew 28, to go unto all nations…teaching and baptizing.

The need for two worship services no longer exists. At one time¬†we¬†had 2 services because of a space problem…the building simply could not hold all of us in one service. At another time in our history,¬†we¬†had two services because of worship styles. Neither situation is now the case.¬†We¬†have space and because of the intentional direction of Russ and Anthony, our two services are essentially the same.

We¬†are one family and beginning on September 8th¬†we¬†will worship at one time….from 9-10:00 a.m.¬†

In addition to this change in our worship time, we will also be making changes in our Sunday classes with some meeting from 8-8:45 and others from 10:15 -11.

The earlier time, 8-8:45, will be for small groups and fellowship. In addition, there could be a few adult classes that have functioned very much like a Care Group over the years that may choose to meet at 8.  We hope to add some other small groups while also providing an opportunity for many of us to arrive early (hopefully with invited guests) to share coffee and a snack from Roots Cafe (to support Missions). We see this as a time to use the mall area to visit, catch up, and to enjoy an extended love feast before we gather for worship at 9.

The later time, 10:15-11:00,¬† will be more structured with classes for children, teens, and adults.¬†We¬†are excited about the new class offerings to include parenting, sharing your faith, Christian evidences/apologetics, and living counter-culturally…these are just a few topics under consideration.

All of these changes are being made to help our church grow. To help our members better know one another…to present a united, win-win choice for others to come serve along with us.

This is a pivotal moment in this church’s history.¬†We¬†always want to give our best to the Master and our belief is that a full auditorium, glorifying God in our worship, enriching our teaching program and deepening our relationship to each other is our best and is how¬†we¬†will grow spiritually and numerically.

We believe that this is the right time to do this. We have come through some storms but we are united now in our love for one another and our desire to serve, giving God the glory. Although this is a small change it is filled with great potential; we know that we will have your full support in making this transition as smooth as possible.

With God’s help and giving Him all the glory¬†we¬†will look forward to, once again, filling the auditorium, the balcony, and even needing multiple services. With His guidance and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, each of us will play a vital part in this next chapter of Madison’s history.

It is said that today’s church is losing ground to the culture, losing our youth. It is critical that¬†we¬†tell our neighbors and the next generation the reason for the joy within us. This is¬†more than a time change it is a move to better get to know one another, invite others and to partner with a new generation.¬† This is a move to carry on that mission and to put our best foot forward.